The magic 5 routes

Most people when starting running a mile a day will be running from their home. If you do the same route each time then after a week or so it will become too familiar. Of course it does have advantages such as being able to challenge yourself by running a little faster to certain landmarks you know well.

I have discovered through my running that it is good to have about 5 different routes that you can rely on available from your own front door.

Here is a short guide of how to go about finding them.

  1. Firstly you will want to know that your route is a mile long. I personally use the runmeter app on my iphone. To be honest I have not tried out many others but this seems pretty good. It it easy to use, has a clear display and can measure my mileage exactly and give me a calorie count too.
  2. Step outside the door and deliberately take a direction that you would not normally go in. If you usually always go right when you hit the main road, then go left. This way you will be forcing yourself to go in a different direction.
  3. On your route have a look out for public footpaths that connect roads together. In our local area we often don’t use them or sometimes we are not aware of they even exist!
  4. Try to have a mixture of grass, road or if you are lucky enough tow path surfaces that runs along rivers.
  5. You don’t always have to think of a mile loop. I have a hill close to me that I use for great mile long hill training. I just run up and down it until my mile is up.
  6. Use an online map website such as map my run. This is a great tool in which you can plan a mile route on your computer and then run it. Look at a map of your area helps you to choose new routes easily.
  7. Go out walking and not running to find your miles. With the relaxed pace of waling it can be easier to find them.

If you are going to stick with a mile a day then it is important that you add much variety to your runs. So all you have to do now is go out and see what you can find.

Here are only some suggestions. I would love you to comment freely on any suggestion you may have.

Thanks for reading



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