5 ways of incorporating exercise into your every day life

Sometimes simply thinking about exercise is enough to put us off doing any at all. There are, however ways of introducing exercise into our lives with out having to think too much about. Once the habit is formed then there will be no stopping you. Here are a few suggestions

1. Break a sweat during your morning commute. Have you thought about cycling or walking to work? If you live less than five miles away then this could be an option. The trick is not to commit to doing this five days a week but start with one until the habit has formed. Once formed you think about increasing it. Don’t try to do too much at once.

2. Choose the stairs. If you have the option of using a lift or escalator then always use the stairs. If you are particularly ambitious then once you have reached the top of the stairs then turn around and walk back down and walk back up then again. Just try to challenge your self and do something different each time.

3. Park a little further away from your destination. Here is a really easy one to incorporate into your daily routine. Next time you go to the supermarket or nearest town, park right at the end of the car park. These days car parks are huge so should be a good work out. Don’t think about the inconvenience of it just think about the fitness and exercise.

4. A Mile a Day I have talked about this quite a bit in other posts but recently I have been running a mile day. At the time of writing I have complete a 8 miles. As each run takes about ten minutes this is a short about of focused exercise that can be fit into the day easily. No excuses!

5. Walk the e-mail. Next time you send an e-mail at work why don’t you simply walk and tell the person instead. This has the double benefit of increasing communication and getting that little bit fitter.



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