7 alternative ways to run a mile

There are an infinite number of ways of running a mile a day. Here a few alternatives that you may or may not have thought of.

  1. Use your music to time you. This could be syncing in with the pace of track. A faster beat means that you run faster etc. Another useful technique I have used when I haven’t felt like a run is to run for the first track, walk for the next and continue until you have finished your mile. This works well as an extra motivation as you know you can walk after the first track – hopefully you wont choose the first track to short!
  2. Take your self on a picture run. Every minute take a picture of anything that interests you on the run. It could be a shrub, a hill, other people, whatever really as long as it is meaningful and reminds you positively of the run. I would love you to e-mail me some of your photos that you have taken on your run (runamiletoday@gmail.com). I will post them on this site.
  3. Run to the pub. This might sound lazy but at least you will have run a mile before your well-earned drink.
  4. Cycle to the start of your run. If you are getting a bit fed up with the front door start then change it. Cycle to somewhere beautiful and start from there.
  5. Take the train into a city and run around it. Plan the route before hand and try to run past as many famous landmarks as you can in the mile. If the mood takes then you may even feel like doing more than the mile. Remember you don’t need to run all of it. Have a minute or more walk along the route. Remember to measure it though using an app such as runmeter. Many cities have amazing rivers, head for them and run along them. Wave to the tourist sight seeing boat along the way.
  6. If you are on a familiar route then time yourself to a particular point. Next time try to beat it!
  7. Add weight to your shoes to have a better work out. There are plenty of manufactures of these out there. Have a google and see what you can find. Here is one possible start.

I’m sure that there are plenty of other suggestions. Please comment and so others can be motivated.

Can you think of other alternative ways of running a mile a day? 





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