7 steps to try for a week to feel healther

The following things to follow for a week  (7 days) will really benefit you especially if you are trying to lose weight or just feel a bit healthier. See how you get on. Weight yourself at the beginning and at the end but not in-between.

  1. When you get up in the morning go for a mile run – no exceptions – just step outside the door and run one of your 5 magic routes you have planned before.
  2. When you get back drink a large glass of water. Fill up a water bottle for use during the day.
  3. Don’t eat until 12.00. Skip breakfast it won’t harm you. Eat what you want but try not to eat bread, rice or potatoes. Up your intake of green vegetables and vegetables that grow above the ground. If you do have bread then make sure you don’t eat them in the evening.
  4. If you want a snack then snack on nuts and berries such as raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. Cashew nuts are my favourite.
  5. Stop eating at 8.00 in the evening. That will mean you will have 16 hours of not eating. This is great discipline and will burn fat.
  6. If you want to drink alcohol then drink red or white wine. No beer I’m afraid.
  7. Don’t have desserts but you can have dark chocolate. Make sure you eat over 80% cocoa solids.

These seven steps really help me to keep on top of my health and weight. I generally feel light when I run and reducing carbs such as breads and potatoes mean I don’t have energy slumps in the day.

It may not work for you but I would definitely give it a go.

In this video John Briffa is interviewed who inspired me to do the 7 steps above. It is approximately 1 hour long but well worth a watch.

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One thought on “7 steps to try for a week to feel healther

  1. I found that simply saying, No bread, no wheat of any kind, was easier than cutting down. And adding fresh veggies, steamed, puts so much more food on the plate that it is hard not to feel full. Try eating two broccoli heads for each slice of bread you want and you’ll see what i mean. If you add a little hummus to the broccoli, instead of butter, it gets even harder to finish! I have not missed that bread for all of two weeks, and the one time i did indulge, just to see what happened? I got a monster migraine… Great blog you have here. I love the running one mile a day idea. At 60 i dunno that my knees would like the idea, but i try to walk at least that much, and do the stairs.

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