How to cope with the hard and heavy run

Sometimes you set out on your mile run and your legs just don’t want to move. They feel heavy, your stomach feels full and your breathing does not seem to be as fluid and as easy as it usually is. The run can simply feel too hard.

Here are a few things to do if this happens to you – and it will!

  1. Don’t go out too quickly. Slow your pace down and just allow your legs to take you. Don’t put more effort in that you have to.
  2. Don’t be afraid to walk for a bit. There is no shame in this – after all you are running every day. If you are finding it difficult then you are finding it difficult and you will just have to accept it.
  3. Try to run when your stomach isn’t too full. I only eat within an eat hour period during the day and exercise during the sixteen hours I’m not eating. This tends to be early in the morning. When I do run on a full stomach it is difficult and they are never my best runs. I try to avoid this.
  4. Realise that you are only running a mile and before you know it, the run will be over and you will have done the exercise for the day.
  5. You may need a rest day. Running a mile a day is brilliant if you can do it but for some it is very much the ideal – and that is fine. Running every other day is still excellent and maybe today you should just have a rest. If you run every other day remember that is still seven marathons a year. I would say though that if you start out on your run you should continue and just walk it. Just think of the fresh air.
  6. Try changing the time of day that you go out. I find runs after a very hard day at work difficult. Usually the run will be just what I need to kick myself out of lethargy but sometimes if I have mentally had it just doesn’t happen.
  7. Listening to music can help to make the run seem easier. Getting into the rhythm of a strong beat is sometimes all that is needed – give it a go.
  8. This might sound crazy but sometimes picking an object in front of you such as a lamppost or post box and running to it fast can make the slower bits seem easier. For instance if I run fast for 30 seconds, walking afterwards seems ridiculously slow and normal paced running seems easy.
  9. Run with someone else – Ask a friend to go running with you. Go for a coffee afterwards. Enjoy yourself and have an incentive to run.
  10. Remember that you are committed to exercises every day and that you’re onto something good here. Just enjoy your mile but if you can’t do it you can’t do it. There is always tomorrow – but make sure you go.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully these tips will help you.

Anyother tips are gratefully received as always.



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