Morning Routine Changes – Part 1

The morning routine when you get up is one of the post important parts of the day. If done correctly it can make your day seem lighter, more effective and just generally better.

Here are a few changes that have helped me.

  1. Set an Alarm and get up when it sounds. Often when the alarm sounds the temptation is to stay in bed and have a bit longer rest. While you’re resting your mind whirs with all the things you have to do in the day and if you are not careful can feel a little depressed. With a bit of grit and determination getting up when the alarm sounds will benefit you in the long run.
  2. Place your alarm on the other side of the room. This little technique will force you out of bed to turn the alarm off. Once you are up, stay up and fight the temptation to go back to bed.
  3. Make the bed straight away. This little thing does not take long at all. All you have to do is fluff the pillows up and drag the duvet over. They key things is to make it look presentable so that you will want to get into it in the evening. If you arrive back from work in the evening and it is not made it is unlikely that you will do it. Get it done straight away.
  4. Go for a mile run. Set your alarm early enough for you to be able to have time to run. Once you get used to running a mile then it should only take you 30 minutes to change into your running gear, run, shower and change into your work clothes.
  5. Place all dirty clothes in a basket. When we are in a rush in the morning we often do not care where we put our dirty clothes. Towels will be thrown on the floor; night ware will be draped across a chair etc. I think the word floordrobe is used for this.  If you make an effort to put things away after you have taken them off or used them then you feel more organised. I personally put all used things into a basket so when it comes to washing I just need to pick up the clothes from a central location.
  6. Drink a large glass of water. For some people drinking water in the morning is very hard to do.  Most people will put the kettle on and have a tea or a coffee. For me drinking water really kick starts the day and gives me some much needed hydration. Your mouth can feel quite dry in the mornings and tea and coffee simply does not quench.

I’m sure other people have got some suggestions of how to zoop up the morning route. I would love you to comment.

Thanks for reading




8 thoughts on “Morning Routine Changes – Part 1

  1. I do some of those already but not all. Decided that I’m going to attempt to do this too.

  2. Decided I will attempt this challenge too. I might as well get used to the early morning runs.

  3. nice post and thoughts. unique post. i enjoy it.

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