Morning Routine Small Changes – Part 2

In a previous post I talked about some small changes to your early morning routine to make your day run better. Here are some more

1. Only have out in the bathroom what you need. In the  past my bathroom was cluttered with multiples of things and other things that I never used. I had two toothbrushes on the go, a few bottles of shampoo and a razor lurking that was never used as it was blunt. I now have out only the things that I use and everything else has been put away or thrown away. All I need is

• One tooth brush

• One tube of tooth paste

• One hand wash

• One bottle of mouthwash

• One bottle of shampoo and conditioner (combined)

• One deodorant

• One bottle of aftershave…….and that’s it!

2. Have a pot for things you will need to have with you when you go out. This tip is really useful as there is nothing worse than the early morning panic when you have lost something you need (Although the satisfaction of finding it is almost worth it). Just a simple container – I use an old plastic biscuit box with a few essentials -it is all you need. My box is positioned near the door and contains:-

• My wallet

• My house keys

• My car keys……….It’s such a relief to find these every morning.

3. Skip breakfast. I know that most people think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but in my opinion it is better not to have it for the following reasons:-

• People are rarely very hungry first things in the morning. Drink some water instead.

• You will save yourself from having extra calories that you just don’t need – especially if you are not hungry.

• It can take too much time. Go for a run instead and spend time relaxing getting ready.

4. Ask the question “How smart do I look”? The way we look is often a reflection of how we feel inside. Make an effort every day even if it’s just going to the shops. Make sure that your shoes are clean and that your clothes are clean. I know it sounds simple and I don’t want it to sound patronising but just a few minutes ‘checking yourself ‘ is often worthwhile.

5. Get up Early. If you are a ‘late’ person then it is often because you have not given yourself enough time in the morning. The solution to this is to set your alarm for an earlier time. If you set your alarm clock for a time that is too early you will never stick to it. Try and set it a little earlier (say 5 minutes) and see how it goes. The next day try for another 5 minutes earlier until you feel you are benefiting. Small changes gradually will be longer lasting than huge changes suddenly.

If you have any suggestions of how to hack the early morning routine then please let me know. Just comment below.

Thanks for reading.



2 thoughts on “Morning Routine Small Changes – Part 2

  1. Hi Milerunner, thanks for visiting and following RidingBitchblog. I was so excited to see that your blog is about running as I am about to start doing so this week! I am very out of shape and not exercising at all at the moment except for walking my dog, so am starting from scratch. On my way to get some good running shoes after I type this. I’m very much looking forward to reading your tips and being inspired by your daily runs. Cheers.

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