Running more than a mile a day an what to do the next day

Sometimes, especially if you have been a regular runner, running a mile a day does not seem that much mileage. It is true that to really see the benefits of this you have to do it every day or every other day. However let’s say that on one day you decide to run four miles because you can or because you are running with a running club or with a group of friends that want to do more. The question might be “What do I do the next day”?

I see that you have several choices

Choice 1

Don’t go running at all the next day as you feel you have done enough the day before.

Choice 2

Go for a mile run and run all the way. Could be tough depending on what you have done the day before.

Choice 3

Go for a mile run but walk for some of it.

Choice 1 out of these is the worst. I think it is important to do something every day so going outside and seeing what you can do is the best thing. Even if you walk all the way you are still in some way sticking to the mile a day plan.

Choice 3 I find to be the best one, I find that if I highly structure it I feel like I’m making progress. I usually walk for 1 minute and run for 2 minutes until the mile is done. I use the runmeter app on my iPhone to measure and time. This is an excellent way of doing it.

When I first started with the mile a day mentality I thought that if I ran for three miles one day then I would not need to run for the next three days. The problem with this for me was that three days of not running sometimes destroyed that habit I had built up. It really is important to do something each day!

Mixing it up

If you really, really, really don’t feel like doing any exercise that involves walking and running then cycling or swimming is your next best option. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest and getting on a bike and cycling around a park is just amazing.

I would not like to think that you are restricted to running only a mile a day but I would be mindful of the next day and have an approach in your head of what you are going to do.



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