One Mile Run Done with a little push at the end

Today I went out on my usual one mile run. Nice and early – a bit of a hangover to be honest from last night. The sun was shining and all was well with the world. I went in a completely different direction, turned left then through a passageway which was overgrown with nettles so had to back track. I ran through nettles once before and my legs looked burnt afterwards! After about 7 minutes running I was approaching a mile but my legs felt strong and I felt I could keep going. Ahead of me was a bridge and as bridges tend to be it was a hump. A bit of an incline and then a decline. The urge took me and I decided to run over it, cross it, back over the other side and then did the same again. I ended up running about 1.3 miles – a little over the mile and that was fine. A small bit extra I know but that doesn’t matter. Sometimes a little push at the end of the mile feels like a real achievement. Might have an extra piece of toast with my breakfast now!



4 thoughts on “One Mile Run Done with a little push at the end

  1. I discovered your blog from another – Ninaladiva (Riding Bitch) and I am very happy that i have – I am a runner who has for the past year had the most difficult time getting back into the shoes, so to speak. Lots of personal cr*p, which has led to not much motivation, if any. it does not help that now i can honestly say that i am in the worst shape of my life! When I taught in the fitness industry, I was working out all of the time, but life changed and this past year I was thrust into running a company for a dear friend who unexpectedly passed away at 51 – he is the one who got me into running – triathlon in the first place.

    I am looking forward to reading your posts – I can use a little ‘push’ 🙂

    • Hi. Thanks for your comment. Running is hard isn’t it and to be honest running every other day doesn’t work for me. I need the habit of running every day. The key thing is though is that you don’t need to run much every day. A mile seems about right and doesn’t take too much out of the day. Happy running and keep in touch. Please spread the word about my blog. David.

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