7 different miles in 7 days

If a mile a day is going to work for you you have to be creative. It’s fun to think of different ways in which you can run your mile. I have planned your week for you in this post. 7 different miles in 7 days. I would be really keen to know how you get on. Any more suggestions then please let me know.

Day 1

Choose a mile route you have never done before. Time it and measure it using your smart phone. Enjoy exploring and making it as different as you can to the ones you have done previously. Take foot paths and turnings that you have thought about taking but never had. Run for 2 minutes and have a 30 second break in between. If you go over the mile then don’t worry, it’s fine. Make it as close to the mile as you can.

Day 2

Do the same route as day 1 but in reverse. You don’t need to measure it this time as you know it’s a mile. Try to beat your time from day 1. Run all the way or do some faster sections. Use landmarks such as lamp posts or parked cars in the distance to accelerate to.

Day 3

Drive to a hill in your local area and park near by. Jog to the foot of the hill put don’t include this distance in the mile. This hill is going to be your playground for the next 15 minutes (or less). Run to the top of the hill without stopping. Don’t look at the top but concentrate on your feet moving, imagine someone at the top with a rope pulling you up. There is no rush but you mustn’t stop. Use the down hill as your cool down. You can walk if you want but you’ll probably find the feeling of free fall with gravity is enough. Lean forward a bit and you will get down with little effort. Feels like flying!

Day 4

Pack your running gear into a ruck sack and head for a nearby city. I live about 30 minutes by train from the centre of London so perfect for this. Go to a hotel and use their toilets to change into your sports gear. Head out and run for a mile through the streets. You may want to do some planning in advance using something like mapmyrun online. Choose your time wisely. I find early evening best when commuters have started their journey.

Day 5

Go back to the day one route and do some high intensity interval training. The pattern below works for me and gets my heart pounding and breath shortening no trouble.

2 min warm up – slow jog
20 sec very fast
20 sec cool down – walk
20 sec very fast

Repeat until you have completed your mile. Structuring in this way in some ways is more satisfying than the ‘random’ approach.

Day 6

Find a local park to run in. Often our parks especially in the UK are underused and are associated with childhood. Some of these parks are beautiful and have good car parks. Drive to one and enjoy the change of scenery. Even better cycle to one and you’ve done a bit of cross training as well. Using the park map will tell you the best parts , maybe a lake or a stream or a secret woodland garden. You could have a look online before hand.

Day 7

This is treat day. Run to a pub about a mile away and have a drink. Enjoy yourself – have a few and be merry. Walk back if you want to. Take a change of clothing in a ruck sack if you want to make a night of it. Combine this day with a meal out with friends – take your friends on the run with you.

Why not make tomorrow your day 1? Of course you don’t need to run the days in the order suggested! The whole idea of this habit is to find what works for you.



How does running a mile a day make me feel?

For some running a mile a day might not seem worth it. A mile is just a mile after all. I will just go to the gym instead or try to eat less you might say. There are however magical things that happen to you when you commit to the habit of daily exercise. The traditional ways of exercise are just so hard to keep regularHere are just some things that running a mile a day makes me feel.

I feel……..

1. That I don’t have to think about ‘doing’ exercise. It’s built into my daily routine.

2. I’m not limited to where I can exercise. All I need is trainers and I can step out of the door where ever I am. Currently writing this on the beach on the coast of Mexico!

3. More energetic. I get less tired in the day and less sleepy.

4. That I am more motivated to do things. I have a greater thirst and passion for life.

5. That I am healthier. I do not need to watch what I eat as much because my metabolic rate is that much higher. I like to eat healthily but I can drink beer too!

6. Thinner. Just the bare fact of burning so many calories as the days of the year roll on keeps my weight in check. I’m always losing a little bit.

7. Challenged. Running everyday is a challenge. Each run can be as challenging as I want it to be. If I want to run fast I can, if I want to climb a massive hill I can or of I want to run every minute with a minute rest I can do that too. It really doesn’t matter. Getting outside and putting one foot in front of the other does.

8. That I have more time in my day. When I used to go on longer runs and had gym membership my time just went. I vividly remember coming home from work, rushing food and then jumping in the car to ‘drive’ to the gym. The whole process including getting there, changing and getting back could take more than three hours. Sometimes when I got to the gym I couldn’t be bothered and just lounged in the jacuzzi.

9. I am inspiring others to do the same. I receive emails most days to say that they also want to do the same. I love to hear the way that their minds and body shape are changing.

10. That I appreciate the mornings. I do most of my runs in the morning and running while the world wakes is truly awe inspiring. The subtle sounds of birds chirping and the sound of cars starting to go to work make it for me. You also see other runners out and about – a kind of secret world.

If you feel stuck in a rut with your exercise routine then maybe it’s about time you changed. Thinks small and get big results. It’s not difficult. I hope that my posts on this site inspire you and give you lots of encouragement.

I am keen to hear how running and daily exercise makes you feel. Please comment freely.


Tips on running a mile a day whilst on holiday

I am currently on holiday in Cyprus and am loving my mile runs everyday. The runs take about 15 minutes out of the day including getting ready and mean that I have a regular dose of exercise keeping my metabolism up and securing a bit of ‘me’ time. People generally don’t put exercise and holidays together but there is no reason why you shouldn’t continue – you will, I promise feel much better for it.

Here are a few tips on running a mile whilst on holiday.

1. Choose your time wisely. I find running first thing in the morning is best or just before showering for evening meal. Avoid hot times and if you have to apply plenty of sunscreen. Try not to run full up.

2. Take extra care of pavement curbs and uneven surfaces. The last thing you want is some awful injury. Watch crossing roads too especially if the country you are in drive on a different side of the road to what you are used to.

3. If you are on a beach holiday then try to choose a coastal route I am very fortunate where I am at the moment of an excellent flat coastal path easily accessible from the hotel.

4. Don’t feel that you have to run all the way. In fact I would discourage it. Why not take some photos on route or run for a coffee for half a mile then set back. Remember you are on holiday and treat these runs as ‘holiday’ runs.

5. Avoid the temptation of the gym. Yes it is tempting to use the hotel treadmill but avoid at all costs. You have an excellent chance of seeing new things and exercising somewhere different. Make sure you take advantage of it.

6. Encourage others to go with you. It’s more fun with others and they will help you to be and stay motivated. If you are in a hotel or other complex you may be able to put a flyer on a notice board asking others to join you.

7. Use a smart phone app to measure your mile. Turn off data roaming as you do it. Once you know a good route you can leave your phone in your room the next time.

8. Make sure you run everyday. Leave your running stuff somewhere obvious as an easy reminder.

So enjoy. You have no excuse, hangover or not, get out there and let me know how you get on


9 ways to Keep Healthy on your mile run

One of the great advantages of running only one mile a day is that it is unlikely you will suffer from injuries. After saying that – i have but out of carelessness not due to the action of running. Here is a checklist to make sure that you keep healthy as a runner.

1. Make sure that your shoes fit properly. When I first started I used to cope with slightly ill fitting shoes which gave a like a little rub. Running amplifies any sort of pain or annoyance and you will blister. Don’t put up with it.
2. Cut your toe nails so they are neat and tidy – an obvious one but we can easily neglect our nails. Nails can go horrible when running especially if they are squashed together in ill fitting shoes. You don’t want a fungal nail infection. Not that attractive.
3. While you run listen to your body. If you feel a sore muscle or any pain then just walk for the rest of the mile. We are too often tempted to carry on running with little injuries but my advice would be to have a rest day.
4. Make sure that you keep yourself hydrated. I personally don’t take any water on my runs but I make sure that I am hydrated all day by carrying a water bottle with me. What is he colour of your urine? It should be a very pale straw colour.
5. Watch out for curbs, uneven ground and slippery surfaces. I need say no more about this one. I suffered a bad injury last year because I was chatting with a friend as I ran. I wasn’t watching where I was going and twisted my ankle badly, It put me out for a couple of months – did some great cycling however.
6. Try to vary the type of surface that you run on. I prefer roads and pavements but I try to run on grass sometimes as it seems to be easier on my joints.
7. Eat healthily. Eat plenty of nuts and berries. You probably don’t need as many carbs such as breads, rices and potatoes than you think you do.
8. On some days you may just want to walk. You don’t have to run every day and if you want to then you don’t have to run fast.
9. Watch out for hidden obstacles such as lamppost and concrete stumps. At night these can be hard to see.

Try to stay healthy on your runs. A little mistake can cost you dearly.

How do you keep healthy on your runs?


Running faster and harder during your one mile run

As I have said before in previous posts giving your one mile run as much variety as possible is the key to you sustaining it. Doing the same run every day is going to get boring and your body will get too used to it. Shake your runs up frequently.

One way in which you can do this is to include some faster segments in the run. If we want to get technical then this is called HIIT ( high intensity interval training) but we don’t need to worry about that. It just means that during some parts of the run you are going to be running very hard indeed but not for very long.

Here is a routine that I often do.

Run for 2 minutes
Walk for 30 seconds
Run very fast for 30 seconds – let your heart pound and get out of breath.
Walk for 30 seconds.
Run for 2 minutes
Run very fast again for 30 seconds.
Repeat until your mile is done.

I find timing the segments exactly is really important. I use the runmeter app on my phone for this but you can use a stopwatch.

The above routine is just a suggestion but I advise you to find your own. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the timings. If you find that 30 seconds is too much or not enough for the faster segment then change it. It’s fun to find a pattern that works for you.

I wouldn’t do this type of run every time you go out but 2 to three times a weeks seems about right and tends to be what i do.

If you decide to do this then let me know how you get on. You will definitely find that your ordinary mile runs are easier and that if losing weight s your aim then you will lose more.

Thanks for reading and let me know how you get on.