9 ways to Keep Healthy on your mile run

One of the great advantages of running only one mile a day is that it is unlikely you will suffer from injuries. After saying that – i have but out of carelessness not due to the action of running. Here is a checklist to make sure that you keep healthy as a runner.

1. Make sure that your shoes fit properly. When I first started I used to cope with slightly ill fitting shoes which gave a like a little rub. Running amplifies any sort of pain or annoyance and you will blister. Don’t put up with it.
2. Cut your toe nails so they are neat and tidy – an obvious one but we can easily neglect our nails. Nails can go horrible when running especially if they are squashed together in ill fitting shoes. You don’t want a fungal nail infection. Not that attractive.
3. While you run listen to your body. If you feel a sore muscle or any pain then just walk for the rest of the mile. We are too often tempted to carry on running with little injuries but my advice would be to have a rest day.
4. Make sure that you keep yourself hydrated. I personally don’t take any water on my runs but I make sure that I am hydrated all day by carrying a water bottle with me. What is he colour of your urine? It should be a very pale straw colour.
5. Watch out for curbs, uneven ground and slippery surfaces. I need say no more about this one. I suffered a bad injury last year because I was chatting with a friend as I ran. I wasn’t watching where I was going and twisted my ankle badly, It put me out for a couple of months – did some great cycling however.
6. Try to vary the type of surface that you run on. I prefer roads and pavements but I try to run on grass sometimes as it seems to be easier on my joints.
7. Eat healthily. Eat plenty of nuts and berries. You probably don’t need as many carbs such as breads, rices and potatoes than you think you do.
8. On some days you may just want to walk. You don’t have to run every day and if you want to then you don’t have to run fast.
9. Watch out for hidden obstacles such as lamppost and concrete stumps. At night these can be hard to see.

Try to stay healthy on your runs. A little mistake can cost you dearly.

How do you keep healthy on your runs?