Today a ran a mile in Mexico



5 mile a day running hacks to make you work harder

If you want to get fitter i.e feel better and lose weight then you will need to add some challenge into your runs. Here are 5 possible ways of doing this. I I will write more soon.

1. Try to beat your last time for a mile. Choose a mile known to you and time yourself. If you took 14 minutes yesterday try for 12 minutes today. Make the walk breaks shorter and increase your speed by 10%. Just do what feels good for you. Don’t go mad bit just work a bit harder gradually.
2. Incorporate a hill into your work out. If you don’t have a hill near you then drive to one and do your mile up and down it.
3. If you usually have a few walk breaks which is fine then try to run your mile without any. If this is too daunting then run as far as you can without stopping at all.
4. Try some high intensity interval training. I have started doing what is called Tabata training during my daily mile routines. Basically you run as hard as you can for 20 seconds and then rest (walk) for 10 seconds. This is repeated 8 times. After the eighth repetition you really feel it.
5. Run out for half a mile and make a note of the time. Turn around and run back. Reset your timer and your challenge is to best your out time. See how much can you beat it.

What strategies do you use to add more challenge to your runs?