The problem with gyms

In the last ten years I have been a member of four gyms. They have all had the same thing in common – I ended up never going to them! I often ask myself why I used put myself through the rigmarole of joining gyms one after another – a kind of gym addiction you might say.

Here are a few promises that gyms hope to deliver:-

1. Exclusive surroundings with excellent facilities.
2. A chance to meet other like minded people.
3. A range of classes under one roof that you can’t normally do such as Zumba and body balance.
4. A chance to have a ‘fitness’ schedule done for you by a trainer. They will tailor it especially for you – good if you want to lose weight.
5. Personal training for one to one fitness coaching. Your own special motivator.
6. A place to relax in the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna.
7. A good quality cafe serving healthy snacks such as smoothies and open sandwiches.
8. Exercise done in a ‘safe’ way with encouragement. Good if you are unfit and not done exercise in a while.
9. Creates more space for you if you live in a small flat in a big city such as London.

Here is the reality of gym membership:-

1. They are expensive (I paid £60 a month) and often very busy at peak times. It’s cheaper for off peak membership but the allowed hours often don’t fit into your working schedule.
2. Hard to get on equipment in the actual gym – queuing for tread mills and exercise bikes! There is no wait to go outside for running.
3. They take much time out of your day. If you go to the gym after work several hours or more can be washed away.
4. Exercise routines designed for you are often repetitive and not challenging enough. Gyms are scared of being sued if something horrible happens to someone.
5. You have a complete lack of fresh air. Running in an air conditioned space can’t be good for you in the long run.
6. It’s harder to motivate yourself to go to the gym often a car journey away than it is to step outside your own front door with a pair of trainers on.
7. The relaxation areas are often too tempting. I often avoided the gym and plunged in the jacuzzi instead. Came out feeling lethargic and sleepy.
8. The gym cafe will probably sell chocolate bars and muffins. Again too tempting!
9. You need to be dedicated to disciplining your social life. A quick offer of a drink after work can cancel out a night at the gym. A mile a day on the other had can be slipped in easily into your routine.
10. If you travel or have regular holidays then your exercise routine is destroyed. One back the habit has been broken and hard to get into it again. With a mile a day I can run anywhere and do. At the minute I am holiday in Mexico and enjoying my early evening runs before dinner.

These are just done reasons why I don’t have gym membership anymore. I love running out doors everyday and I encourage you to do the same.

Do any of my readers have similar stories? I would love to hear them. Please comment freely.



How does running a mile a day make me feel?

For some running a mile a day might not seem worth it. A mile is just a mile after all. I will just go to the gym instead or try to eat less you might say. There are however magical things that happen to you when you commit to the habit of daily exercise. The traditional ways of exercise are just so hard to keep regularHere are just some things that running a mile a day makes me feel.

I feel……..

1. That I don’t have to think about ‘doing’ exercise. It’s built into my daily routine.

2. I’m not limited to where I can exercise. All I need is trainers and I can step out of the door where ever I am. Currently writing this on the beach on the coast of Mexico!

3. More energetic. I get less tired in the day and less sleepy.

4. That I am more motivated to do things. I have a greater thirst and passion for life.

5. That I am healthier. I do not need to watch what I eat as much because my metabolic rate is that much higher. I like to eat healthily but I can drink beer too!

6. Thinner. Just the bare fact of burning so many calories as the days of the year roll on keeps my weight in check. I’m always losing a little bit.

7. Challenged. Running everyday is a challenge. Each run can be as challenging as I want it to be. If I want to run fast I can, if I want to climb a massive hill I can or of I want to run every minute with a minute rest I can do that too. It really doesn’t matter. Getting outside and putting one foot in front of the other does.

8. That I have more time in my day. When I used to go on longer runs and had gym membership my time just went. I vividly remember coming home from work, rushing food and then jumping in the car to ‘drive’ to the gym. The whole process including getting there, changing and getting back could take more than three hours. Sometimes when I got to the gym I couldn’t be bothered and just lounged in the jacuzzi.

9. I am inspiring others to do the same. I receive emails most days to say that they also want to do the same. I love to hear the way that their minds and body shape are changing.

10. That I appreciate the mornings. I do most of my runs in the morning and running while the world wakes is truly awe inspiring. The subtle sounds of birds chirping and the sound of cars starting to go to work make it for me. You also see other runners out and about – a kind of secret world.

If you feel stuck in a rut with your exercise routine then maybe it’s about time you changed. Thinks small and get big results. It’s not difficult. I hope that my posts on this site inspire you and give you lots of encouragement.

I am keen to hear how running and daily exercise makes you feel. Please comment freely.